SPARK Website Files

Contains scripts and files to render the SPARK consortium website (htttps://


The website is built using and the R package Both will need to be installed before you are able to build the site.

This project uses to manage dependencies. Install renv using:


and dependencies should be set up for you. If you change a package version or add a package, please call renv::shapshot() to update for all users.

Updating backend data

The backend data can be updated by calling

quarto run update_data.R

which will output new CSVs: project_list.csv, staff_list.csv and publication_list.csv. These are in turn read in by load_data.R as part of the build script.

If new consortia members are added, their photo will also need to be pulled down from the shared drive. Please call quarto run copy_images.R for this to happen. This script takes a few minutes, so is not part of the build process.

Creating a new staff member page

To make a new staff member page, inside an R session, call


where staff_member is an object from staff_list, loaded by load_data.R. This script will automatically check if the page exists, and if it doesn’t, will make one for you. You will still need to add external links (like email, Twitter, LinkedIn etc), which is done inside the newly created qmd file.


The website can be built using

quarto render

and will output to the _site directory. The website is hosted using GitHub pages, so commits on the release branch will update the public-facing website.

Note that the information for people, publications and projects are held in restricted access Google Sheets, and you will need to set up authentication using both googledrive and googlesheets4 before you will be able to update the behind the scenes data.